I am due to have a baby any day now.  And every time I'm pregnant, my nesting instinct kicks in like a turbo-power jet pack.  It drives my husband crazy.

Honestly, it kind of drives me crazy, too--though in a different way than my husband.  I go crazy trying to complete all the projects my hormones are telling me are completely necessary to complete RIGHT NOW, while being pregnant or very pregnant.  It doesn't work so well.  I get stressed out.  But for some reason, my brain can't or won't override the hormones.

The up side?  I get A LOT done.

In the last month (since the beginning of April), I have:
  • Removed all the chair rail from both my bedroom and the nursery
  • Removed all the beadboard from my bedroom walls
  • Filled holes, smoothed paint, and re-textured the walls (where the chair rail was) in the nursery
  • Primed and painted the nursery
  • Built bookshelves and window seat and installed and painted them (including recycled beadboard backing and facing)
  • Organized and held a garage sale
  • Sold 3 beds and a box spring on KSL (the local classifieds)
  • Cleaned and organized the garage
  • Did two photo shoots and finished processing the pictures from one (so far)
  • Attempted to potty train our 2-year-old
  • and Made 5 teacher gifts (since my daughter has 3 preschool teachers and 2 bus drivers)
And that's just the stuff I can remember--mostly because it's documented in pictures.

All of the above-mentioned things are why you haven't seen much of me on the blog.   I will be going back and putting the stuff I missed out there for all to see as soon as possible.  I will also be finishing up the My Little Pony Fashions posts with Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle (and possibly Spike--if I'm feeling ambitious).

I don't know how long it will take me, but I pledge to you here and now:  It will happen.

I'm excited to show off my work in the nursery.  I hope you like it!


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  1. Yay Brina, you make me want to be pregnant - ALMOST ;) You're amazing and I'm looking forward to more pictures <3