My Sunday morning project

Saturday I went to the Writing for Charity writing conference in Provo. That went until 4.  After chatting with my husband about it for a while and cooking dinner, I decided that since Steve had a four-day weekend, I needed to complete something. So I painted our garage door.

I was glad it only took me about 80 minutes because that was about all the time I had before my light ran out.  And it turned out so good! I'm excited to show you once we get the shutters up.  Maybe we'll finally get around to it next weekend. Cross your fingers for me.

I also had to get our house cleaned Saturday night because we were hosting the birthday dinner for my family today.  This morning before church, I busted out some pizza sauce,  baked sugar and double chocolate chunk cookies, and frosted the sugar cookies, including a large one with a picture of Elsa from Disney's Frozen on it. I'm a little crazy, I know.

Not a culinary masterpiece, but pretty good for me!

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