I have cute, crazy, funny, stubborn, sweet, sleepy kids

The Mr. and I went to a play Friday night.  When we went to pick the girls up from Grandpa and Grandma's house we had an adventure.

When we get there, Baby C is still awake.  It is 10:30 and she has been up since around 4.  She is so-o-o exhausted.  But that's been her MO lately.  She just does not want to sleep. So, I put her in her car seat and rock her for a little while until she calms down. I then go to get the girls' shoes and coats on, while Steve took our stuff and Baby C out to the car.  Grandpa and Grandma have two twin beds in one of the downstairs rooms, which is where the girls are sleeping.  I decide to do Miss E first, because she will usually get her own stuff on and walk herself out to the car, but I knew I would need to carry Miss M. I try to wake Miss E up, but she is pretty far under.  She opens her eyes and I tell her, "We need to get your coat on.  We're going to go home." She shies away from me and tries to talk, but can't really, and it comes out sounding like either she is crazy, or she thinks I am and she doesn't want to catch it.  "Uhh.hhhhh.....Ummmmm...Ehhhhhhh...."  I tell her again,  "It's okay, Sweetie.  It's just Mommy, we need to go.  Let's get your coat on."  "Ehhhhhhh..." Shying away.  So I sit her up, and start putting one of her arms in the coat.  She starts making this noise like there is a snake trying to eat her arm off.  She's whimpering.  I feel bad. But at the same time, it's a little humorous.  I'm trying to put her coat on, she has her eyes open and can see me (I think), but she's acting like I'm a cannibal or a snake who has it in for her.  I start giggling.  This makes her even more nervous.  More, "Uhhhhhhh....Ehhhhhh...." while sort of trying to lay back down and go to sleep.  I giggle more, she whimpers more.  This is terrible.  I go get Steve.  Hopefully she won't think he is trying to eat her.  Steve is on his way, so I decide to get Miss M's coat on. I go to get her sitting up and realize that she is not wearing any clothes.  Not a stitch! She is cuddled up to her blankie, half way under the covers, her naked little bum sticking out for all to see.  I start giggling again and go to find out what happened to her clothes.  "Did you know Miss M was naked?" I ask Grandma.  "No!" "Yep, she's naked as a jaybird."  I go downstairs and find her pajamas and panties in front of the toilet all wet from an accident.  She had tried to get to the toilet, missed, taken all her clothes off and crawled back in bed.  No reason to tell anyone, right? Nakedness is the new PJs. Steve has already taken everything out to the car, so I have to make him go get her clothes that she came in, so I can dress her and get her out to the car.  She wakes up pretty easily and gets dressed without a problem until I tell her that we have to get her shoes on so we can go out to the car.  Apparently, she didn't realize she wasn't staying all night. I finally got her clothed, coated, shoed, and carried out to the car, but by this time she is hysterically screaming, "NO! I WANT NANA! I WANT TO SLEEP AT NANAS! TURN AROUND.  I SLEEP AT NANA'S. GO BACK, MOMMA! I WANT TO SLEEP THERE!" This ridiculously high-pitched screaming goes on for our entire drive home--which Baby C somehow sleeps through--and continues until after we take everyone and everything else inside.  At which point, she finally realizes that we are not going back and manages to calm down and talk to me.  She cuddles up to me and talks sweetly about how much she loves me.  Ah, that child. We now have a date for them to sleep over at Grandma’s house for her birthday.  And somehow, nobody seems to be scarred for life.  Phew

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