Atop the World Lies a Castle Fair

At the top of the world
lies a castle fair--
parapets high and gilded stair.
Above the spray
of ocean tide,
the birds of love
and dragons glide
Watching o’er the castle great
with fiery breath
or green-branched plait.
Through the glass
all color-stained
the sun doth shine
long unrestrained.
The gentle queen
with babe in arms
sings lullabies
of fairies charms
of knights’ good deeds
and love unfeigned
of hopes and dreams
to be attained.
When the bright blue eyes
do droop and close,
she lay him down
and kiss his nose.
The fair young queen
then doth wander
halls and gardens
her fate to ponder.
The rooms are empty,
the throne is bare
no soul doth laugh
or labor there;
alone, so high,
atop the earth
the gilded halls,
her land a dearth.
What will the morrow bring?
It can’t be known.
But for today,
she is alone.


  1. Wow. Please continue. It's haunting and tender and beautiful. It's magic. Tolkien, move over.