Places I don't go anymore

Places I Don’t Go Anymore: A List

My own pity parties. At least I try not to.
Miller white elephant parties.
Art in the Park.
D & K's house.
College classes.
Country dancing at the Armory.
Sunday lunch at Grandma’s house.
To visit cousins.
Six Flags Great America.
My old apartments.
Out on the town.
Movies. (Well, mostly.)
Exotic places with Lara Croft.
Alicia Wagner’s house.
The land of 8 hours of sleep.
The bathroom by myself.


  1. I want the whole story on some of those. You never go to visit cousins? Or Alicia Wagner's house? I love the mention of Lara Croft. And the sleep. Such a thing of the past, isn't it?

  2. The land of 8 hours sleep is out there. You'll return again someday, I promise.