Our inspiration today:

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” Miri dumped a basket of fries into the waiting oil.
Sam placed a tomato on top of the pattie in front of him. “You thought he was a nice guy.”
“Only for like five minutes.”
“He drove a motorcycle.”
Miri giggled.  “That certainly didn’t hurt his cause.”
Sam blew out a puff of air that went unnoticed by Miri. She was reading the order off the screen above her. He watched her as she grabbed a large cup and filled it with Coke. She was so bubbly and happy all the time. It was contagious. At least it made him want to be with her all the time.
After Zach she had been angry. The way she slammed food on the counter made him grin.
After Monty she had been annoyed. Every guy that had long brown hair that came in that week had his straw squeezed shut before it went into his drink. Sam had wanted to spit in their food, too.
After Roberto, she had cried. He had put his hand on her back and she cried into his shoulder on break. Her hair smelled like lavender and citrus.
This time he tried a slightly more obvious route, though thinking about it made his stomach turn in knots.
 When Miri went out to her car on break, he changed the sign that greeted customers as they walked in the door.
“We have thousands of happy customers. And one creepy guy named Rob that will get more than a hamburger if he comes in again. (You know who you are.)”

Leah finished hers already. It is awesomesauce. GO. Read. It.


  1. I loved this. Such sweet love. 'Not your best' is really good! I'd definitely take more.

  2. Miri look under your nose!! The nice one is under your nose!! Well played and so sweet :-)