Pinterest Recipe Review: Delicious Dinner Rolls

I have had a lot of friends tell me that all the recipes on Pinterest are bogus and that nothing found there can be trusted.  Personally, I find A LOT of good, usable recipes on Pinterest.  So I decided to start posting some reviews of the recipes I've found for all my friends who don't believe in Pinterest recipes.

First up: Delicious Dinner Rolls (from this pin)

They claim to be buttery, melt in your mouth, easy, and perfect for Thanksgiving.

On all accounts, I would agree!  They don't require kneading (by mixer or by hand).  You just mix the ingredients together with a spoon and you're done; it's ready to rise.  I put the butter on top, like the recipe says to (after they're baked) and so of course they tasted buttery.  I'm not sure I can say any kind of bread "melts in your mouth." It's not cotton candy for heaven's sake.  But these had a good texture--not too doughy or heavy, but they didn't fall apart or smoosh into nothingness when handled either.  They were still tasty 3 days later, which, for me, makes them perfect for Thanksgiving.  I want to still have rolls to eat by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  What good is leftover turkey without a roll to eat it on/with?

I decided to make them like regular buns, instead of like crescent rolls, just because I didn't want to go through the hassle of getting out my rolling pin and making a flour-y mess of my counter.  Here is her picture compared to mine:

They look pretty good, don't they? I was impressed with myself even! So this recipe definitely gets my recommendation. You can bake with confidence! :)

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