Girls Room: Painted Curtains -- Done!

I have been working on my daughters' bedroom since we moved in (you can read about all my plans here), thinking it would be best to have them settled first.  Well it's been a LONG process.  Much longer than I expected or would have liked.  But...it's finally coming together.  About a month ago, I decided to take some curtains from the basement and put them in the girls' room.  The basement curtains weren't making a big splash down there, and they would match my girls' room much better than the tan ones that were in there.  White seems so boring though! So I decided to paint them.

I thought about doing a chevron pattern, since that's so popular these days, but that's exactly why I decided against it.  It's a fad, and I didn't want to have to redo the curtains once chevron patterns went out of style. After seeing this blog post with photos from a magazine about painting a pattern on the curtains, I decided to go that route.

A nice Fleur-de-lis pattern had a Paris-y feel, which I love, and seemed simple enough.  I bought a sample-sized paint jar from Home Depot, printed the pattern as big as I could on a regular sized piece of paper, and went to work.

Here is the end product:

I like that the pattern brings the pink I wanted into the room without being in-your-face. What do you think?

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