Vegetable Ventures

I got a Bountiful Baskets last week and have been totally overwhelmed with the produce.  It doesn't help that I swamped myself with last-minute Valentines Day stuff and often didn't have time to make a big meal at the end of the day.

I decided today that I needed to look up some recipes to use a few of the veggies that I don't usually buy for myself--such as cabbage and eggplant.

Here is what I found:


I think I'll simplify the sauce, since my grandmother's recipe only calls for tomato sauce, and I've never thought they were bland (well...as an adult anyway).

Update: I made them using a different recipe and they turned out tasty! Find the recipe I used here.


I have fresh basil from Bountiful Baskets as well, so I'll add that, like some of the commenters suggested, and I'm not going to make a sandwich.  I'll just grill the pieces of eggplant with our steak tonight and then broil them to melt the cheese.

Also--determined to take a better picture of it.  The one on AllRecipes is dark and not very appetizing-looking.


The cabbage rolls won't use up the huge head of cabbage I got, so I'm going to halve this recipe and try it out.  Looks flavorful and relatively healthy and uses a lot of cabbage!

I'm also going to make my very own fajitas recipe to use up the three red peppers I got. I'll post that soon.

I'll update after I make them and let you know how it goes (and add pictures!).

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