Pinterest Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins Fail

I decided, this morning, that I had time to make these really yummy-looking muffins for breakfast that I had pinned a while back.

Here is the picture posted with the recipe on the blog:

These look so amazing I can't believe they have so much good stuff in them. Made with oats instead of flour, applesauce + yogurt instead of oil, and egg whites instead of whole eggs. I'd take the calorie hit and just use less sugar instead of substituting Splenda and I'd consider this a healthy treat!  --  "oats, greek yogurt, dark chocolate chips. 58 calories per muffin. YUM"

Here is how mine turned out:

Can you say FAIL? Ahh-hahaha-ha-ha!

I don't know if it's the recipe or the cook, but mine look like a clunky mess compared to the blogger's picture.  They still tasted pretty good.  Nothing amazing, but certainly worth eating.  I might try again using this recipe, just because it is pretty nutritious.  But maybe not.  We'll see. :)

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