guilt writing

As I was making dinner tonight, I was thinking, "Wow, I really want to work on my book tonight."  So all evening I was looking forward to doing it after I got the girls to bed.

Then I sat down at the computer.

First thing that came up was a blog post I had been working on.  "I have to finish that," I thought.  So I did.  And then it was an hour later and I no longer felt like working on my book.  But it was such a good intention! So I opened my document anyway and found my spot.

Still didn't want to work.

What did I do, you wonder?  Opened Firefox and started checking out Pinterest.  Of course.  Isn't that what any sane woman would do in my position? 

Then comes the guilt.  I hadn't scrolled more than twice before I heard my husband coming up the stairs.  He thinks Pinterest is about as good of a use of my time as I think his scrolling sports message  boards is.  So in order to avoid "the look," I switch back over to my book before he can come into eye-shot of my computer screen.

And VOILA! I am suddenly okay with doing some revisions; suddenly, it works.

So there you go.  I got some revisions done tonight.  Not because of my good intentions.  Because of guilt.  But--hey--I'll take it.  Revisions is revisions, right?

Have you ever done that?  Started working on your writing because you didn't want someone to see that you were piddling away your time on some other use of the computer? I'd love to hear I'm not the only one. :)

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  1. No, no, I have absolutely NEVER done ANYTHING like that. The ridiculous dissertation process was completely guilt- and distraction-free.

    Ha. :-)