Girls' Room Update

My plan since I found out I was expecting our third child was to put the two older girls in a room together.  My first thought was to put them on two twin beds in the bedroom downstairs.  But...then I got to thinking about it and decided that they are way too young to be so far away.  My husband thinks I'm a crazy paranoid person for thinking that someone could break into their window and steal them without me even knowing about it, but that's my fear!

So the new plan is to have them in bunk beds in the room next to ours.  I totally forgot to take a picture before I painted the room, but it was the same brown color as the living room (you can see a little bit in the hallway in the picture below).  Miss E was vying for a pink painted bedroom, but I just couldn't bring myself to paint a whole room pink.  Especially when she is going to be sharing it with Miss M who has yet to pick a favorite color.  If I had to take a guess, I would probably say Miss M is going to be partial to blue (she always wants to wear her blue coat instead of her green one, and it's the color she gets right the most often).

So Miss E and I compromised on green walls, but pink lots of places around the room.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the room done as fast as I would have liked (does that ever happen?), so the only pink thing in the room is the quilt I threw over her comforter.  She hasn't complained, so I guess that suffices for now.

Here are the plans in the works:

White bunk beds.  I bought a set from DI (local thrift store) for $40! They have been in the process of being sanded and painted for three weeks now, but they are finally close to completion.  I'll do another post when they're finished.

New curtains.  The ones that are in there are the ones left by the previous owners of our house (below).  It was weird.  They left all of the window coverings, every hanging shelf, some pictures, shower curtains, etc.  Not that I mind that I didn't have to cover that expense right away, but I've never heard of people doing that before.  So anyway...they left the curtains that are in there and they aren't ugly, but they're a light brown and don't match at all.  The curtains they left downstairs were white, which totally matches, but it's a little boring.  I decided I'm going to paint a pattern on them.  More on that later.  The window will probably need blinds or light-blocking backed curtains once Mira moves in there, too.

Paint the dresser (above).  We have all of my Dear Mr. S's bedroom furniture from growing up.  Which is nice, it's just 30 years old and looking dated.  It's not real wood--it's laminate, so I've been hesitant to do it.  But I dislike it enough and have read enough how-to's that I think I'm going to take the plunge and see how it turns out.

Wall hanging.  I found this picture on Pinterest, realized I had beadboard in my bedroom that I wasn't going to keep on the wall, and thought, "Wow! Free, large, wall-hanging."  In the process of making that one.  I'm changing it up, though.  No letters.  I'm experimenting.  Watch out!

Pictures.  I already made a couple of "saying" pictures to be framed. Some of them are pictured below.  I haven't decided which ones to have printed yet.  I'm waiting for the rest of the room to come together, so I can decide exactly where I want to put pictures before I pick the ones to print.

Night stand.  The rest of the room is going to be rather boxy: bunk beds, dresser, wooden kitchen, framed pictures, etc.  So I want to get a little table to go next to their bed that's (sturdy and) round.  I've found a couple on KSL, but I am again waiting until the bed is in to see how high I want the table to be.

Bedding.  I for sure want to do matching throw pillows for both beds (in pink, of course), and perhaps matching blankets for the ends of the beds.  The pink quilt is perfect, but we only have one, which was hand-made by my Gramma, so that's not going to work for a matching look.

Of course, if my budget was more than $100 for the whole project, I probably would do things differently, but my budget is around $100 and I've already spent $60 on bunk beds and paint for the curtains.  I'm a die-hard DIY-er, but I tend to be lazy (or perhaps in too much of a hurry would be more accurate), so we'll see how it all comes together.  Stay tuned!

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