first attempts at newborn photos

I've been doing photography for a while, but have been in the mood to try something new for the last year or so. I've done mostly weddings and families in the past, but seeing all the adorable newborn photos, I decided to try it out. A couple of my friends are having babies this month, so I asked if I could take some shots of their babies. They graciously agreed. One of them had her baby a couple weeks ago, so last Saturday, I hauled all my stuff to her house and set up shop. Newborn photography takes a lot of work. (Perhaps it feels like more than it really is because you have a space heater on the whole time and are sweating profusely by the time you're done.) But they sure are adorable. I haven't finished processing all the photos yet, but here are a couple I really like:

I hope my friends will be happy with the results!  If not, it was free, so they're only out a couple hours of their time.  What do you think of the photos?

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