Girls Room: Over the Rainbow Print

As I said last month, I have tons of projects in the girls' bedroom that I want to do before it's finished.  Today I was able to check another one off my list.  Yea!

When I was thinking about decor for the room, I decided I didn't want to go with a "bug" theme or a "forest" theme or a "princess" theme.  I wanted it to be a little more versatile than that.  After seeing some vinyl wall art of dandelions blowing in the wind, I had the idea to do a "dream big" sort of theme.  (The dandelions made me think of making wishes and having them come true, for those of you who didn't immediately pick up on my oh-so-follow-able logic.)

I had also seen this photo on Pinterest that I loved and thought went well with a wishes/dreams/endless potential theme.  It was a photo of a ink drawing, though, so it wasn't something that could be ordered.  So I did what any computer-savvy DIY mom would do: I made one myself.  It didn't turn out quite the same, but I think I like it better for a contemporary little girls' room.

After finally getting the bunk beds in the room (WAHOO!! Another post on that soon--we have a couple more small things to do before they're finished), I finally felt like I could confidently put some art on the walls.

A while back, I found a tree-branch-and-grapevine star that I liked for a dollar.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time.  When I decided to put this print up on the wall, I thought putting a star next to it would be perfect.  I didn't like the natural look of the wood, though, so I got out some pink spray paint and went to town.

Holding everything up on the wall, though, I realized I really needed two stars to make it look right, so again, I went the free route: I made one!  And it turned out great.  I was really excited that it even worked at all, but I think it is perfect for the space.

I got the print made at a local copy shop for $2 and put it in a frame, but I didn't like it in just an 8x10 frame.  I found an old frame in my box-o-frames that was the right size and even had a double mat.  The problem was, it was a black frame and a grey mat.  Not exactly what I wanted for my pink, green, turquoise, and white girls room.  A quick coat of spray paint on the frame and a couple coats of wall paint left-over from doing the curtains on the mat, and we were set.  I'm so excited about how it all came together--for $4!

If you would be interested in a tutorial on how I made the star, leave a comment! If I have a few people who would want one, I'll take the time to make one up.

What do you think?  How did it turn out?

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