Fashion Fun -- My Little Ponies in Real Life: Rarity

Have you seen all the Disney Princess fashion collages on Pinterest? You can see a couple here and here if you haven't. Personally, I find them totally facinating! I have always loved those games where you have to think about something in a new and different way. Like the word puzzles where they make you come up with a phrase from how the words are written.  Like this one:


I LOVED doing those as a kid. And they still intrigue me today. So when I saw the Disney Princess fashion collages, I had this itching to make my own--to see if I would come up with something different than the other person. (Of course I would, or I wouldn't want to do it, right?) But--it's been done already and I rarely do things that have already been done. It's against my nature. I want everything I do to be unique and different. (This is the reason why all of my sewing and crocheting projects are experiments, even when I have a pattern to follow.)

Then, the other day, my daughter was talking about her favorite TV show--My Little Ponies: Friendhship is Magic--because the season 3 episodes finally found their way to Netflix and she has watched all of them at least three times now. And it struck me: I could do a fashion collage representing the ponies! The minute I thought of it, I was done for...I had to do it. So tonight, I finally had some time to sit down and start. It was harder than I thought! There were so many good options. But I worked through my indecisive issues and came up with the wonderment you see below. :) What do you think? Does it do Rarity justice? Does it embody her like I wanted it to? I would love to be able to pull this outfit off, wouldn't you?

Rarity x2

I would love to be able to pull this outfit off, wouldn't you? I also would love to be able to afford it, but that's not happening anytime soon, so I'll just sit back and dream. :) Below are the links to all the products you see in the collage, in case you happen to be richer than I am. Check back soon for more of you favorite MLPonies in real life fashion.


$310 - frockaholics.com

Giambattista Valli one sleeve top
$1,025 - farfetch.com


Casadei heels

River Island strappy heels
$76 - riverisland.com

Aspinal of london
$345 - aspinaloflondon.com

Nine west clutch

Silver blue jewelry

Ted baker sunglasses
$160 - psyche.co.uk

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