Fashion Fun--My Little Ponies in Real Life: Pinkie Pie

If you can't beat 'em, join em.' That's the saying, right? Well, around these parts, ponies are going nowhere anytime soon. If Miss E isn't playing out a scene from the latest episode, or singing one of the songs over and over and over again, it's Miss M handing you one saying "Hello, Wiwight!" (Twilight Sparkle) or "Hello, Uh Dash!" (Rainbow Dash). Usually she's saying hello to the one she's holding because that's what she wants you to say.  In fact, Miss E sings the songs so much, that most nights when this pregnant lady has to get up to use the ladies room, usually the first thing that goes through my mind is one of the My Little Ponies songs.  It's rather ridiculous.  And it's also fun.  At least I like the show, right?

After much deliberation on this next pony fashion plate, I decided to go with two different looks for Pinkie Pie.  I just couldn't decide on one! I hope you like it!  If you didn't see my post on Rarity--you can check it out here.
Pinkie Pie

If you're a fan of any of the stuff above, or if you really just want to be like Pinkie Pie (I wouldn't blame you), the links to the items used above are below.

I hope you have a bouncy, fun-filled, party kind of day!

Hot pink homecoming dress

Red valentino

TWINTIP cotton shorts
$38 - zalando.co.uk

High heel shoes

Converse shoes
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Nina handbag

Beach tote bag
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David Aubrey neon necklace


Ted Baker real leather belt

Nail care

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