Be Mine

Valentine's Day is kind of like Christmas in that it's really fun when you're really little, kind of gets less fun as you get older (although Valentine's Day gets less fun much faster than Christmas--5th and 6th grade awkwardness anyone?), and then it gets really fun again when you have kids.  Miss E can write her own Valentines now and it made this Valentine's Day super cute.  I love this one she made for the Mr.  For those of you who aren't experts in following the direction of 5 year olds' writing, it says, "I lik yoor flufy her. frum Emi" (I like your fluffy hair, from Emi) across the top.  (The pictured people are all boys because they all have "fluffy" hair.) Along the side and bottom it says, "I love you. I love playing ponys dady. I love that you play with me."

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