Life's little ironies

I got told at least once this last week--by each of my children who can speak--that they no longer want me as their mother or our family is just terrible.

We had a game night planned at church earlier this week, and I was put in charge of bringing the games.  My dear husband wasn't going to get home from work until 15 minutes before I had to be there.  I start making dinner, only to have Miss C wake up early from her nap, totally cranky.  I end up having to cook dinner with a 20 lb baby strapped to my chest.  As I'm rushing around trying to finish dinner while going through my game ideas in my head, Miss E yells, "Mom! You should see what Miss M is doing!" I go into the living room to find Miss M throwing the pieces to a game I had prepared all over the floor.

The next day, she begged me to have a smoothie for lunch, then just after I had gotten all the ingredients into the blender, decided she wanted chocolate milk instead.  I told her I was almost done with the smoothie, so she could have chocolate milk and a smoothie if she wanted, but she had to wait for me to finish the smoothie.  While I was blending it, she decided to get the Nesquick out of the cupboard, turn it upside down and pound it on her knee until the lid popped off spraying the contents over my kitchen floor. It's a powder.  And it was on my floor that hadn't been scrubbed in...well, let's just say, a long time.  Totally unsalvageable.

The baby knocks over one of my house plants EVERY day.  We were cleaning and I took some things downstairs to put them away and while I'm there, the baby knocks over the plant, the 5 year old starts screaming hysterically because the baby knocked over the plant, the 2 (almost 3) year old decides take charge and drag the baby away from the mess, which incites the 5 year old to scream even more hysterically (if that's possible) that she's going to hurt the baby.  "Stop that!  You're going to hurt her! You're going to hurt the baby! Don't do that, Miss M! YOU'RE GOING TO HURT HER!"  Meanwhile, I hear the baby start crying like someone just dropped her on her head.  The 2 year old gets sent to her room, for probably the third time that day (because of previous chocolate milk powder incident and a number of fine displays of her extreme stubborness and complete lack of logic--she is, after all, only 2.)  This, of course, means that she screams hysterically for 15 minutes or so, until I can calm down enough to let her out.

We can't forget the fact that the baby has been sick for over a week, with a lovely runny nose and a cough to go with it.  This also gave her diarrhea for 3 days, during which time I had to change her diaper and her clothing EVERY TIME SHE ATE. Like 5 to 6 times a day (or night). Finally, the doctor suggested giving her probiotics, which worked like a charm, thank goodness.  I worried about dehydration at the rate she was going.  Miss E also got sick a few days after Miss C, which wasn't bad until she started bleeding--from her ear. I immediately took her to the doctor, who found a weird wad of something stuck in there, but no ear infection.  Despite this, he decides to give her an ear drop antibiotic, which I have to put in her ear twice a day for 7 days.  Of course, she has to lie down for 15 minutes each time I do this, which she was eager to tell me is a terrible, horrible thing to do to a little girl who just wants to get up and play. Not only that, but the darn 1 oz. bottle cost over $155.  Are you kidding me?

To top all of this off, I volunteered to teach a lesson at church tomorrow.  When I opened the book to read the lesson, guess what it's titled?  "Strengthening and Preserving the Family."

Oh, isn't it ironic. *sigh*

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