Girls' Room Reveal!

Ms. E and Ms. M had the privilege of having the first finished room in our house.  I'm not sure they particularly care, but it was such a relief to my psyche to know something was finished and off my list of to-dos. I think the bright colors are so appropriate for my vibrant girls, and the bunk beds make it practical to have two girls in such a small room.

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover

The first time I saw the quote on Pinterest "And though she be but little, she is fierce,", I knew I had to put it in the girls' room somehow.  Not only does it describe them perfectly (especially Ms. M), but it's by Shakespeare! Having two English majors in our house means we love us some Shakespeare around here.

When I decided I needed something above the bed that wouldn't fall down if bumped, a vinyl saying on the wall seemed the perfect choice.  Of course, I was too impatient to wait for someone to cut it for me, so I ended up just free-handing it with some leftover paint from the curtains.

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- Shakespeare Quote

The bunk beds were a thrift store find that I refurbished. I like how sturdy they feel.  And since Ms. E can climb up the end, we don't need a ladder that would take up floor space.  The bedding I got on sale for only $18 a piece!

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- bunk beds

I wanted more storage for toys, so I didn't have to shove them all in their tiny closet, so under the bed seemed like the best place.  The bed is rather low to the ground and I couldn't find any bins (besides "under the bed" plastic storage boxes.  I didn't want to have to put a bed skirt on to hide them though. My solution? Cut large (Costco size) diaper boxes to the correct height and cover them in burlap. And  since I already had some burlap, guess what?  That means they were free! Tons of storage for free?  I'll take it.

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- under bed storage

There wasn't much space at the end of the beds and it took me a while to figure out what to put there.  I found this little bench for $10 at Deseret Industries (local thrift store) and recovered the top in some matching fabric.  Now my hubby and I have a place to sit when helping the girls put on PJs or cleaning. (It's really hard to sit on the bottom bunk.)

I found the bigger star at DI, too.  It inspired the rest of the decor in this corner.  I made a second star out of tree branches from the back yard and then spray-painted them both bright pink to match the room.  The prints I made and the bottom picture is one I took over Ms. M's first birthday. It's a fun little vignette, I think.

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- corner vignette

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- corner vignette

On the other side of the room is the dresser I redid, the crayon art I remade, and some framed footprints that I had from when the girls were babies.

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- crayon art

Scribbles&Dabbles: Bright Girls' Room Makeover -- dresser re-do

I wish I had taken some photos before we painted the room, but alas, I didn't.  The room was a dark tan color.  The same color as the hallway outside, which you can see in this first picture.  In order to show better the contrast, I photoshopped the before pictures so the wall color is closer to the original.  I don't know if that's tacky.  I hope you're okay with it.

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